‘…Just like Sayyida Aisha As Siddiqa Radiallahu ta’ala anha wa Ardaha bintu Sidiq, she said, in the authentic hadith, sanad sahih, when the sahabi asked her, how was the Khuluq (character) of Rasoolullah sallahu alaihi wa alihi wasalam, look how genius Sayyida Aisha Radiallahu ta’ala anha is, this is only genius! The answer should not tell him, he (sallahu alaihi wa alihi wasalam) was kind to his family, or he was generous, or he was soft-spoken, he was really loving… (gesticulates “no”)…

كَانَ خُلُقُهُ الْقُرْآنَ

(‘His character was the Qur’an’)

she told him, practically, he, sallahu alaihi wa alihi wasalam, is a walking Qur’an!’

Sayyidi Shaykh Muhammad al Ninowy

May Allah ta’ala protect and preserve him