Laylatun Nisfi Shabaan

Reminders for Laylatul Nisfi Shabaan

..He (Subhanahu Wata’ala) opened up doors for us, among them Shabaan, among them the specificity of the three days in the middle of Shabaan….

Two things, both hadith sahih…

An-Nabi Sallalhu Alaihi Wa Alihi Wasalim tells one of the Sahabah….he says, ‘Did you fast the Surar of Shabaan?’ The Surar, some people say, like the belly button – the place human body, middle. And some Ulema, linguistically said, ‘No, it means the end of the month, the Sur, the  Surar, the Sirar, it means the end of the month.’ But we have hadith al-Bukhari that an-Nabi Sallalhu Alaihi Wa Alihi Wasalim discouraged us from fasting the end of Shabaan, specifically, right? So in one hadith he says…did you fast the Surar of Shabaan…? If Surar means either middle or end..well you know it’s not end. Why? Because there is discouragement by him (Sallalhu Alaihi Wa Alihi Wasalim)specifically, textually, that you not suppose to fast the end of Shabaan, right? So then, did you fast the middle of Shabaan? Fasting the middle of Shabaan!

With the night of Shabaan as well…The hadith is known, you all know the hadith…and the hadith is hasan InshAllahu ta’ala; where an-Nabi Sallalhu Alaihi Wa Alihi Wasalim says, and I am comfortable InshAllah saying that, believing that the hadith amounts to the level of hasan, especially with corroborating evidences etc InshAllahu ta’ala…

He (Sallalhu Alaihi Wa Alihi Wasalim) tells us about the night of Shabaan…says, Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala shows a special kind of mercy, in the night of Shabaan…Allah forgives all His Creation, if they are exposed to His Mercy that night.

How do you become exposed to the Mercies of Allah at night? What do you do? What do you do at the end of the night? You do tahajjud. You do Salaah (prayer) and you do duah (supplication). If you’re exposed, if you expose yourself to the Mercy of Allah that night, then Allah forgives you! Except, Mushrik wa Mashaakhin, if people are Mushrik (polytheists) or if people hold grudges against other people.

What do you mean? “I don’t like him, he hurt me!” Sorry, you cannot be eligible for forgiveness that night, even if you expose yourself the whole night, not just a third of a night! Except if you drop your grudges against other people. That’s a condition for you to be forgiven. “But Ya Allah, they said this about me” or “Ya Allah they took my money, they cheated me out, they did this, they did this”. Allah is more Just than you can ever be. Drop the grudge in your heart. Allah will take your right for you. But don’t hate. Don’t turn your heart into a garbage of hatred…why…you turn it into…. Your heart is suppose to be filled with love, not hate! Because hate will consume you. But today because we are talking about  Shabaan specifically. If you are exposed to the Mercies of Allah on that night, you will be granted forgiveness. Can you believe it? Forgiveness!

Sayyidi Shaykh Ninowy

Hermanus, 23rd June 2013

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