"Violence in the name of democracy, religion, political, economical and social change, etc. is still violence, and violence breeds more violence. The forgottenvictims in all such big games are the innocent average people who have everything to lose, either because they answered a sales pitch by a persuasive religious or political caller (who are slowly withdrawing from the call scene leaving the people they persuaded alone),or even when they didn't have any choice from the beginning. People rushed to a plea for more bullets and bullet carriers for Syria, but after three years and a massive number of death and destruction, the party is over and the interest is cooling off quickly. People quickly forgotten about the people, the innocent people on the ground and in the dense neighborhoods of the cities in Syria, where some "explode" neighborhoods in the name of Islam/freedom, and the tyrant regime responds by bombing neighborhoods and homes in the name of fighting armed extremists. But by now, it seems the party has moved else where, and there is a fatigue in the absence of Jihadi calls to listen to the increasing suffering and cries of the victims. "Jihad" does not mean fighting or terrorizing innocent people with respect to their safety and dignity, let alone being a source of Fitnah (trial) and hardship for those who believe & those who don't. But Jihad was legislated to defend self and honor from the onslaught of tyrants and aggression of transgressors. Hence Mujahidin are supposed to be the first line defenders of Humanity as a whole and human dignity, honor & rights in it's entirety, for all humans regardless of background are His creation and-like us- the children of Adam. Jihad is destroying the idols, whether literal or figurative along with fighting the culture/cultivation of ignorance, hate, opportunism, greed, verbal & physical violence. The violence that is being carried out by extremists in the name of Islam, etc.. should not be shocking, despite its tragedy. It is a natural sequence of the intellectual terrorism and verbal violence that exists is some austere books/figures in our past which is adopted by many in the preaching industry nowadays against their intra-religious ideological opponents. To understand what is happening in Syria and in Iraq in the name of Islam/religion, one only needs to look at some history books in the past and some of the "cult-ish" teachings in the presence. It was only a matter of time until verbal violence finds its way to reality manifestation on the ground. The horrendous actions of groups there nowadays are a normal product of the hate-preaching, Takfiri's, Bid'a labeling (thus sanctioning hating people, isolating people, slandering people, and verbally terrorizing people, etc..) , self-righteous and radical Salafi's, past and present. This shouldn't be taken as a cheap shot by a "Sufi" against Salafi's. For just like I believe that violence is not native to any religious system, verbal violence and cultism is not limited to Salafi's. There are "Sufi's" out there and others, who are opposite to radical Salafi's in ideology but equal -if not much worse- in their verbal violence and hate preaching. In fact some put them to shame when it comes to verbal violence and abuse. So, it's not really about Salafi or Sufi affiliation, for we did learn that mere affiliation doesn't necessarily mean anything. It's time to stop implying to the masses that mere affiliation to this or that group/idea means superiority or exclusive salvation!!!!. and that ideological opponents automatically are evil Bid'a promoters, haters of the Sunnah, etc..etc. This is exactly what I call: intellectual terrorism, and it is deception. Condemnation without balanced investigation is the height of ignorance. The challenge remains in not engaging ignorance while answering unintelligent questions intelligently. Shuyukh are not those who stand between you and Allah and His Prophet, but are those who push you towards Allah and His Prophet. They can open the doors, but you must enter. The Qur'an and Authentic Prophetic Sunnah are the judge and the standard for us all within Islam-scholars and masses-, and that is our framework. The Qur'an and Sunnah are unconditionally compassionate, loving, forgiving, offering all vast and inclusive mercy always. Some seek to restrict that unconditional and vast mercy. Islam, that came to offer all people regardless of their background life, not make their life worse for those who disagree with it, let alone take life away or preach such evil. Demonizing the ideological opponent to strip them from their God-given rights and humanity is exactly demonic, not Islamic, regardless of labels used. Islam does not teach or preach hate. Islam does not teach or preach cultism. We ( in the teaching and preaching field) need to tell people that neither us nor our Shuyukh are the benchmark of Islam, that neither us nor our teachers/school/line/tribe/culture are the standard of Islam. Islam is the Qur'an and Authentic Prophetic Sunnah and all of us and our Shuyukh/lin/schools, etc.. exhaust their sincere and selfless efforts in trying to adhere to them. The Qur'an and authentic Prophetic Sunnah, and that is the standard in and within itself. We need a drive to teach and infuse Adab/etiquette in respecting our learnt figures, scholars, preachers, and elders, but ensuring we don't turn them into infallible figures, standards of truths, or idols. We need to learn to agree to disagree at times in a very "islamic"/Sunnah/civil way, which means to still love each other and give each other the benefit of the doubt if having a doubt. Islam never taught us to look down onto others (whether non-Muslims or Muslims whom we differ with on issues) but disagreeing on the issues, avoid the sin, and pray for the sinner. Afterall, aren't we all sinners!!. And aren't all human beings potentially Awliya' of Allah Ta'ala?!!! and in a split second if Allah Ta'ala wants they can all turn into the highest level of Awliya?!, and isn't equally the opposite correct?!!! 
Islam commands us not to only open our doors, but our minds and our hearts to those we disagree with, for unity -as human beings- does not mean conformity. Erecting walls of hate under the banner of love is deception. For most of the fine people in Islamic preaching and teaching, this is a great challenge, to stand up to a loud minority that insists on verbal violence and hate preaching against those they disagree with. Our children deserve better. Our Deen deserves better from us. Imam Abu Bakr al-Wasiti (3rd century scholar) said: " we are in a time where the Adaab of Islam have disappeared, the Akhlaaq of Jaahiliyya are gone, and even the habits of the honorable people are missing".
"ابتُلِينا بزمان ليس فيه آدابُ الإسلام، ولا أخلاقُ الجاهلية، ولا عادات ذوي المروءة".
This statement was over a 1000 years ago for that time. This is why the scholars of Islam in the old days were very very cautious when it came to the sanctity of blood, and warned in the most emphatic ways against bloodshed. Didn't angles say to Allah Ta'ala the same thing about humanity at the very beginning.

No one is infallible amongst us humans but the Prophets, alayhem assalam, but that is no excuse to insist on doing wrong.
We need to take responsibility to stand up to verbal terrorism by ultra radical sectarian mouthpieces, and by figures who aspire to be the benchmark and only source of religious judgment and wisdom. We need to infuse and spread the mercy of Islam as manifested by Sayyidina Muhammad, sallallahu Ta'ala alayhi wa aalihi wa sallam, and his family and companions, may Allah Ta'ala be pleased with them all.

We need to tell and demonstrate to ourselves first, that yes: 5 + 5 = 10, but so does 6 + 4, 9+1, 8+2, 7+3, etc..etc.. We can look at one thing and see it in two different ways, just like the honorable Sahaba, Allah be pleased with them all, did.

And no, violence is not the answer nor the solution. EVER. 
We need to tell and demonstrate that a loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge, and that to be a good Muslim means to be a good human being in the first place. Surely reform is not easy. Political, religious, and economical tyranny does not like see change, freedom, or be held responsible. But noble persistence and non-violence perseverance along with patience and observance of Allah Ta'ala and closeness to him will yield positive results. We need to tell and demonstrate that our path of Ibada (worship) is that of Adam (alayhi assalam), not that of Iblis (Satan). When the "Ibada" of Iblis increased, arrogance and ignorance!! increased. But as the "ibada" of Adam increased, humility, Adab, and knowledge increased.. The point of the Deeni schools/mosques/institutions was not to make scholars, but to make good human beings in the first place, good sons, good daughters, good fathers and good mothers. True knowledge (Ma'rifah) is another thing. It's granted to those whom Allah Ta'ala endows and chooses.

If you don't have anything positive to say, then don't say anything, and if you don't have anything to contribute, then your mere smile is an act of charity and positive contribution, this was the Prophetic standard. Syria didn't need bullets, Syria and all humanity need love, hope, growth, and opportunity. Faith changes and love changes, you just have to try. Please pray and try to help the forgotten innocent children and victims of Syria, Iraq, and all humanity. There is a long way to "reform", and it starts right in our hearts".

– Sayyidi Shaykh Muhammad bin Yahya al-Ninowy


Taken from the Shaykh Dr Muhammad bin Yahya al-Husayni an-Ninowy محبو العلامة محمد النينوي Facebook page, post dated 17 August 2014