Muharram Muhabbah Special Dhikr Majlis

Date: Friday, 16 October 2015
Time: Between maghrib and Esha
Venue: Masjidul Quds
Sisters Only

**Subha Exchange**

Please bring along a subha/tasbeeh, wrapped with a small note 2 exchange so that everyone gets a new one, for the new year InshAllah. The intention is that the giver and the receiver share the barakah and blessings of all the adkhaar, with the intention that the sunnah of the gift of giving increases the love between us, Ameen.

**Treat Collection for underprivileged children**

We hope to share the Muharram Muhabbah in bringing smiles to as many children’s faces as possible!

We teamed up with Planet Mercy South Africa in collecting sweets and treats for distribution among less fortunate children.

All sweets and treats must please be sealed and non-perishable. Kindly drop off your parcel of Muharram Love upstairs at Masjidul Quds between Maghrib and Esha on the 15th or 16th October 2015 ♡